Queen of Cream was  first dreamed of in 2013 by two friends who absolutely love ice cream. One day, over light conversation and ice cream cones, it dawned on us that Atlanta lacked an ice cream shop where the ice cream was  truly made 100% from scratch. Such common practice all over the world, it was nowhere to be found in our beloved city. After much research and the consumption of too much ice cream, we set out to start the only company in atlanta making it's ice cream 100% from scratch. in the summer of 2014, Queen of Cream was finally born. We started out with one ice cream cart, one 100 sq ft kitchen, and the best ingredients we could get our hands on. Sourcing our dairy locally, and using fresh, real ingredients for flavors, we are able to create some of the best ice cream around. We take ice cream making very, very seriously. No pre-made ice cream mixes here! We take the time and effort to pasteurize our own base.  We are the only shop to do so,  and we would not have it any other way. in September of 2015, we opened the doors to our dream ice cream shop! We added coffee and pastries to the list of offerings, treating both with the same attention to detail, and of course, making everything in house from scratch. Abeautiful bright place where homemade ice cream and wonderfully prepared coffee can be enjoyed amongst friends as it has been enjoyed in parlor for years.